Our Mission

We're conspiring to take over the world and change the way people consume energy drinks. We're committed to crafting the simplest and cleanest energy drink in the universe. All while creating a ridiculously fun beverage.

Wilderness Conservation

We are about more than just destroying trash ingredients and maximizing energy. We want to help protect the lands that Bionic Bigfoot roams.

To do so, we donate 1% of our profits to support wilderness conservation though The Nature Conservancy Charity.

Meet The Team
profile image of bionic bigfoot, front

Bionic Bigfoot

CEO/Supreme Leader

Don't let Bionic Bigfoot's cute smile fool you. He'll literally rip your head off and shove Repeak down your throat.

We programed him to hate B.S. ingredients more than anything in the universe, he loves to destroy them. He also enjoys hiking mountains, getting blurry photographs taken of him, and playing video games

He has no formal experience in starting a revolution. But once we created him, he quickly rose through the ranks to CEO, by forcing us to give up control. He changed his CEO title to Supreme Leader.

profile image of lightning brid, front

Lightning Bird

CTO - Chief Transportation Officer

Lightning Bird is the only trusted companion of Bionic Bigfoot. They were created at the same time to lead the termination of all B.S. ingredients.

Lightning Bird's key role in the Energy Revolution is to work directly with Bionic Bigfoot's to help with the distribution of Repeak.

Bionic Bigfoot rides into battle with her as they exterminate B.S. Ingredients and delivers the Damn Clean Energy needed to build the great energized army.

profile image of jack the jacked lumberjack, front

Jack the Jacked Lumberjack

We gave the regular Jack one of the first batches of Repeak and he transformed into an energized, cyborg, jacked lumberjack.

Honestly, nobody really understands what Jack the Jacked Lumberjack does around the lair. He mainly just pumps iron and chops down trees. But he hates B.S. ingredients with a passion and that's good enough for us.